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A contractor with a background in design, he also is an expert in real estate having renovated and flipped several houses. His appearances and DIY projects on Cityline are extremely popular. He is a sought after home show presenter and brand ambassador.

Brian McCourt

Brian co-hosts HGTV Canada’s hit show Backyard Builds (season 2 premiered March 2019 and season 3 airs in 2020). He has also been part of the HGTV Canada ensemble cast of Home to Win for the last 3 years.

With over 14 years of experience as a renovation specialist, Brian has unique concepts and a full understanding of the home renovation process. Brian’s well-rounded skill set, knowledge of building products, and creative mind make him a true asset to the world of renovation. He has brought this knowledge to his role as Spokesperson, Rust-Oleum brands in Canada.

He is also a regular on Cityline, presenting great DIY projects. In fact, he is the Cityline record holder for the most viewed segment on YouTube with over 1 million views.

Growing up, Brian had an obsession with real estate. When he was 19, he dreamed of buying, renovating, and selling properties. Without independent financial means, he gathered investment from friends and bought his first fixer-upper and successfully flipped his first property. By the age of 25, Brian had successfully flipped 7 properties. With heavy demand, he began a new venture: Brian McCourt Designs.